Pîrvu – Vulpix EP (incl. Rhadoo remix) // Club Guesthouse | gehas001


a1. Vulpix.ro
a2. În fat ca petele
b. În fat ca petele (Rhadoo remix)

Club Guesthouse reveals the first release of their record label coming from Pîrvu, one of GH’s residents and a sound design wizard with a remarkable ear for detail, while also including a special remix from Rhadoo.
The 12-inches sports ‘Vulpix.ro’ on the A-side, a track that immediately stands out, challenging our perceptions of harmony and structure for the better. ‘In fat ca petele’ illustrates an elusive atmosphere, deepening surface and depth into a fresh electronic dialect of modern mirage. Rhadoo is rearranging molecules in the air on the flip-side, delivering a minimalist remix. The vocals seek out some darkened hues, with a certain attention to the low end, giving the subs a proper work out – making it another vital dispatch from the Romanian pioneer.

Release date: 07.12.2019

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