Mihai Popescu – Niste Treaba 2.2 // MTRZ10.2

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MTRZ010.2 – Mihai Popescu – Niste Treaba 2.2

Mihai Popescu aka MP returns at Metereze to pursuit his electronic explorations under Niste Treaba series, chapter 2.2.

This chapter goes beyond your usual 4/4 cup of tea, panning the groove between the persistent lo-fi theme, found throughout the whole release, and MPís signature basslines. The two record sides mirror each other to perfection: as Infusion and DE go deep into the warm feelings triggered by the housier vibes, the melodic pulses from Phy Ness and Trem get muffled behind the bassline groove to deliver a darker image of the same somehow nostalgic theme.

Suitable for those of us that seek comfort on a late morning packed dance floor, Niste Treaba 2.2 adds another piece to MPís out of the ordinary appearance.

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