[AMP018] Dan Andrei – Loose Dots EP


Music means various things to artists, but for Dan Andrei, it’s a playground where his off-hand approachand diverse productions are taking control, defining his signature sound.

Introducing his first Amphia release “Loose Dots”, Dan Andrei is once again proving his dynamic, yet discreet technique, one that can constantly bring out refreshing tracks.

“SOS” is a track driven by percussions and retro chords, with a touch of acoustic bass and a dose of shakers throughout the groove. “In the bass” is focused around a heavy bassline, with a twist of irregular notes drifting through, and a modulated voice that comes and goes unexpectedly.

“Still Unclear” and “Thing wa” represent the joyful side of the EP; The first track, introduced by a quick elevation between playful percussions, sequenced chords, and a tight groove, acts like a shape shifter to a more deep house approach. The second track extends the melody-driven sonic composition, in between the elusive rhythm and the delicate synth line, a provocative swing that marks a vivid ending.

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